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The Summer Institute consists of three-week all-day sessions that seamlessly integrate social and academic components from the arts and applied sciences. The program is designed to develop the interests and abilities of talented and highly motivated middle school and high school students (rising 6th – 12th grades).

The camp activities blend mathematics, engineering, science, and art instruction in the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci’s concept of a Renaissance scholar.  Hands-on workshops and a mix of other activities reinforce instruction while balancing the students’ day.  Students engage their entire analytical and creative potentials in a fast-paced academic environment while meeting others who share their interests and abilities.  By having the camp at world-renowned academic institutions, we provide our students the opportunity to experience life on college campuses while getting to know Alumni from Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, and Caltech who lead the program and expose students to the world of possibilities and opportunities that await them.

During the program, we emphasize the development of the child’s ability to think critically and work collaboratively with peers. Students learn the skills necessary to understand complex math expressions and to reduce them to their fundamental parts. They learn techniques that make them faster problem solvers. Course assignments include problems with varying degrees of complexity to ensure each participant’s success. Students are encouraged to have fun while learning and to especially learn while having fun.  DaVinci Camp engages the whole student and aims their imagination towards the discovery of their diverse talents.

The following represents a sample of previous years’ activities:

    • Visiting NASA JPL, NASA Ames Research Center and Lawrence Livermore National Labs
    • Touring Caltech, Stanford, UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco campuses and laboratories
    • Learning at Archetype Press at ArtCenter College of Design and at the Getty Research Institute
    • Visiting Dino Lab at the Natural History Museum and Chabot Observatory Star Party
    • Attending performances by the SF Ballet and Opera, SF Symphony, and LA Philharmonic
    • Learning Brazilian batucada along with salsa, samba and flamenco dancing
    • Hiking in the Inyo National Forest and Devil’s Postpile National Monument
    • Catching a Pageant of the Masters, Shakespeare and other theatrical performances

We invite you to join us for this year’s DaVinci Camp and we look forward to seeing you soon!

The courses offered this summer are as follows:


That’s what a function
is all about!

Studies the properties, graphs, transformations and compositions of algebraic and elementary transcendental functions encountered in Algebra and Trigonometry. Emphasis will be placed on nonlinear models where these types of functions arise naturally. Methodologies and procedures for the solution of nonlinear equations and inequalities will be developed throughout the course. Recommended for students who will take Algebra II or Math Analysis/PreCalculus. (rising 9th through 11th grades,  Session II)

Theory & Practice
Develops pre-algebra skills using number theory to build a strong foundation for the future study of algebra and geometry.
(rising 6th and 7th grades, Session I,III, and IV)
Al-gabr Wa’l-muqabala:
Completion & Balancing
Presents methodology and procedures to develop advanced algebraic skills essential for the study of higher mathematics.
(rising 7th through 9th grades, All Sessions)
Modelling & Problem Solving
Presents methodology, procedures and strategies to tackle problems arising in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, combinatorics and probability.
(rising 8th through 10th grades, All Sessions)
There were once a triangle,
a circle and an altitude…
Covers analytic aspects of trigonometry including identities, equations, inequalities and word problems. Recommended for Math Analysis/PreCalculus. (rising 10th and 11th grades, Sessions II & III)
hypotheses non fingo
Develops Newtonian mechanics with emphasis on mathematical physics and on problem solving techniques. Minimum prerequisite Calculus AB or equivalent. (rising 11th and 12th grades, and graduating seniors, Session II)

Location and Date
DaVinci Camp Summer Institute sessions will be held at Caltech, UC Berkeley and Stanford University.

Session 1-Calendar 2015

Session I at Caltech runs from Saturday, June 10 through Thursday, June 29. Note that weekends are included in this three-week session. The courses offered during this session are as follows:


Session 1-Calendar 2015

Session II at Caltech runs from Thursday, June 22 through Tuesday, July 11. Note that weekends are included in this three-week session. The courses offered during this session are as follows:


Session 1-Calendar 2015

Session III at UC Berkeley runs from Saturday, July 15 through Thursday, August 3. Note that weekends are included in this three-week session. The courses offered during this session are as follows:


Session 1-Calendar 2015

Session IV at Stanford University runs from Tuesday, July 25 through Sunday, August 13. Note that weekends are included in this three-week session. The courses offered during this session are as follows:


Attendance Policy
DaVinci Camp Summer Institute’s expectation is that students will attend every day of the session. Given our program’s fast-paced academic and social environments, even a partial absence makes it difficult to stay abreast. There are no make up days for activities missed. Students who incur more than 2 absences may be dropped from the program without a refund.

If there are special circumstances that will affect a student’s ability to attend every class meeting, please contact us in writing before applying. Barring exceptional circumstances, students who anticipate missing more than 2 classes are not encouraged to attend this summer’s program.

Tuition for DaVinci Camp Summer Institute includes instruction, course materials, field trip fees, and snacks. It does not include transportation to or from camp, lunch nor personal or incidental expenses. The 2017 tuition per session is $2,500  with a 20% discount per additional sibling. For more information about Tuition and Payments, click here.

Need-based Financial Aid
To be considered for our limited Financial Aid funding, families must submit a financial aid application each year. An award in a previous year does not guarantee an award for subsequent years. For more information regarding financial aid please visit the Tuition & Payment page. To request an application, contact us at faa@davinci-camp.com.

Sample Daily Schedule
(Note that schedule is subject to change)

DVC Sample Schedule