No gaps with Continuity

Continuity, DVC Academic Consulting’s new long-term enrichment program, is designed to complement DVC’s highly successful intensive summer math camps. Continuity will enhance students’ academic growth during the school year: they will be challenged, supported and encouraged to think critically and creatively. In Continuity, students will get the tools to master new concepts, which will allow them to thrive not only in their current courses but also in any academic level of math and science. In addition, Continuity will provide a unique space where participants can work and socialize with like-minded peers from Pasadena, Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

We will offer classes for students enrolled in 6th – 12th grades. The average class size will have 10-20 students according to their current math and science levels.

DVC Headquarters – 910 San Pasqual Street, 2nd floor, Pasadena, California

Each class will meet a total of 5 hours per week based on the following schedule options:
OPTION A (twice per week): Friday, 5-7pm AND Sunday, 10am-1pm
OPTION B (once per week): Sunday, 8am-1pm

The Lounge:
All students are encouraged to take advantage of our space where they can collaborate with other students on class problems/homework and general subject curiosity. The Lounge will be open and available on Friday from 3-8pm, Saturday from 10am-4pm and Sunday from 8am-4pm. Academic support will be available to guide and challenge students as they immerse themselves in the learning process.

While we prefer that students leverage the benefits of group learning with academic support in The Lounge, individualized private tutoring is also available at current market per hour rate.

The weekly program fee per class is $150 with a 3-month minimum commitment. A sibling discount of $100 per month applies per additional sibling of the same family.

Questions can be addressed to or at 415-275-0246.